Do you think you will be working from home in 2025?

Written by Lisa Huffman

3rd Nov 2021

Prior to the pandemic, did you ever think you would have the opportunity - or the desire - to work from home? Many of us couldn’t fathom the idea of ditching the long commute and business attire for a quick shuffle to our home office and every day being casual Friday…at least from the waist down. While we welcomed the opportunity and the extra time to spend at home with our kids and pets, I don’t think any of us dreamed that we’d still be in the same place nearly two years later. Many of us, in fact, are ready to get out of the house but don’t necessarily want to go back to “the office.”

However, with Covid numbers on the decline and vaccination numbers increasing, businesses are opening up — but not all are requiring employees to return to the office. Surveys conducted by Upwork for their "Future Workforce Report 2021" found that an estimated 1 in 4 Americans will continue working remotely through 2021. And, they estimate that 40.7 million Americans will work remotely by 2025! That’s a long time to be working from home.

During the past few months, WORKSPACE has seen an uptick in the number of people who are settling into the reality of what life can be like if they don’t return to “the office.” By choosing WORKSPACE as a home away from home, they’re finding that no interruptions equals greater productivity. And, our flexible office solutions and three convenient locations means they can hit the gym, coach the team, and get home for dinner…or to walk the new pandemic puppy.

I can’t predict the future but it does look like all signs point to flexible offices continuing to be an important piece of the WFH lifestyle. Stay ahead of the trend and make sure to check out our short and long-term rental options or day passes. Click below to schedule a tour.