Flexible Office Space: The answer to your hybrid work needs

Written by Susie Guthro

13th Apr 2021

Coworking and flexible office space isn’t just for start-ups, professionals working remotely, and single entrepreneurs. With larger companies downsizing their real estate footprint and transitioning to more of a hub and spoke model, coworking and flexible office spaces are a great solution for small teams or hybrid work model employees. Below are a few of the unique benefits that are helpful for both company and the employee.

Extremely Cost-Effective: For companies choosing to downsize their real estate costs, flexible office space provides all of the necessary attributes of office space for much less. It is estimated that companies can save between 20-40% in costs compared to a traditional office lease. Furnished space that is already designed to provide a comfortable work environment combined with rent that includes high-speed internet, cleaning fees, and utilities, makes it virtually overhead free.

Flexible Lease Terms: Most coworking and flexible office spaces provide short-term rentals (some as short as one day) as well as long-term memberships. With many companies providing hybrid work models for the first time, it makes sense to have as much flexibility as possible while forging a new way of working.

Diverse Networking Ability: By participating in a flexible office environment, professionals are able to meet and work alongside individuals from other fields. Having the opportunity to engage in a live face-to-face conversation is something that we are craving right now! Coworking communities provide an incubator for collaboration that doesn’t exist in single company offices.

Here at Workspace, we provide all of the above! From coworking and private offices to offices fit for a small team, we look forward to helping your company solve its hybrid work model needs.