Happy 2021! Time to get organized!

Written by Susie Guthro

8th Jan 2021

Happy 2021! Here at Workspace, we would be remiss not to tie in one of our previous podcasts to a common New Year resolution. Organization!
2020 has been a doozy, and while it’s safe to say that there will be better days ahead, you may find that priorities have shifted and perhaps left a few odds and ends to tidy at a later date. A while back, we sat down with Julie Griffin-Carty, owner of Maison Court, where she works with clients to provide them a “home court advantage of an organized start."

Specializing in three areas, home organization, digital organization, and project strategy, there is no disarray that Griffin-Carty can’t tackle. Identifying a small section that feels overwhelming and working out from there can make the process more manageable while also contributing to a feeling of success to build on as you go. When it comes to a formula, Griffin-Carty works with her client through a few first steps of unpacking everything, analyzing, and choosing the non-negotiables. Then with an unbiased eye, she re-codes, renames, and reorganizes while you step away. When all is said and done there is always a review of the final outcome and the ability to tweak things to your preference and needs.

Griffin-Carty notes that working alone can be isolating, lonely, and not fun. (She’s not wrong!) Feelings of being in a work rut when not having another person around are commonplace. Let alone not having that soundboard to help you identify the best strategy when beginning a big project. Her assistance can bring distance and clarity to see your way around the blockage and find the road map to follow.

You can learn more and get some pro-tips on organizing by listening to our podcast here or visiting https://www.maisoncourt.com/