The Women of Workspace

Written by Lisa Huffman

31st Mar 2022

We are so fortunate to have these amazing entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and leaders as part of our community. As a fellow Woman of Workspace, I’m honored to share their stories with you and hope that you will consider supporting them should you require someone with their talents and expertise.

Diana Bagas founded Launch Social Media in 2016 to help businesses of any size compete online. She’s most proud of Launch’s reputation in the local community and of their long-lasting client relationships. By following its mission “to level the business world’s playing field through social media”, Launch is able to provide accessible, affordable, quality social media management services to its clients.

 Justin: “I’ve known Diana for over five years. She has a singular focus on helping her clients make social media advertising an effective tool for their businesses, including mine!”

It’s no wonder that Diana was recognized as the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Metro South Chamber of Commerce. 

Normally a resident of Milton, Diana can also be found working remotely in Spain for part of the year. She has been a member at our Canton location since 2018. You can check out the work Diana and her team of internationally-celebrated writers, editors, analysts, and designers have created here.


Carol Bramson is the founder of Side By Side pet food and has been running her business out of our Hingham location since May 2020. Side By Side takes a unique and personalized approach to dog food. After an assessment of your dog, they determine which diet (warm, cooling, or neutral) is best for your pup. Then they craft healthy recipes in small batches, carefully preserving the whole food nutrition and delivering it fresh to your dog’s bowl. What an innovative approach to getting the right -- and best -- nutrients for your pet to live their best life!

Justin: “Carol is an accomplished entrepreneur with a terrific track record of launching and managing businesses, it’s an honor to have her and her team be a part of the Workspace community.” 

For more information or to place an order, click here.

Diane McLevedge is the Financial Controller for the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators. CJJA is a national non-profit organization formed in Massachusetts in 1994 to improve juvenile justice systems, services, programs, and practices so the youths within those systems succeed when they return to the community. They also assure that local correctional and residential facilities are secure, and, most importantly, provide leadership development to the individuals responsible for those systems of care to bring about the best long-term outcomes for the youth and their families. Diane has worked for the CJJA for nine years and assists other CJJA staff members throughout the United States.

Justin: ”It's been a pleasure getting to know Diane over the past several months. I support the work she and CJJA do for the troubled youth in our country as it is essential to improving their chances for success as adults.” 

CJJA is addressing the reentry needs of youth in the juvenile justice system and reframing the way successful reentry outcomes are conceptualized. They are to be commended for leading the effort to get researchers, policymakers, and juvenile justice administrators to work together to facilitate reform in this area. To find out more, click here.

Robin Samora has been in business for 22 years helping big brands, like Comcast, and smaller brands grow their business and get visibility. She is a marketing and PR expert, Top-20 small business marketing blogger, and trainer with the Workforce Training Development Fund’s MA Express Grant program. She teaches small business owners how to rev up their brand online and offline to attract new clients, connect with customers, get media exposure, and fine-tune strategies to increase sales. Robin has known Justin for 4 years and worked with him twice. 

Justin: “I started working with Robin when one of my locations was seriously struggling. First, we created a marketing plan to generate leads, increase customer retention, and nail social media. Then, I came back a second time, in the middle of Covid. Results? I now have four locations, a growing entrepreneurial community, and steady sales.” 

Right now, Robin is helping small businesses in Massachusetts get marketing grants of up to $9000 for digital marketing and PR training to scale growth, visibility, and fight setbacks caused by the pandemic. To find out about a fully-reimbursable marketing grant offered by the Commonwealth of MA – and what Samora refers to as the “best secret in town” – visit To find out more about Robin, check out

Danielle Terranova founded Terranova Consulting in 2013 with the sole aim of connecting with leaders who have a similar passion for cultivating personal, professional, and organizational potential. Today, Danielle and her team coach leaders all over the world to develop the tools, insights, skills, and lessons necessary to fully realize their leadership potential and positively impact the organizations they serve. Terranova Consulting believes that leaders can be found at any level and they consider it an honor to partner with those who accept the responsibilities that come with leadership and challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Justin: “Danielle is a dynamic consultant and business coach who helps her clients unlock their full potential. One of my good friends, who also happens to be a member of the WORKSPACE community, is a client of Danielle’s and raves about the value she has brought to his business.”

An experienced leader and mentor, we were thrilled to welcome Danielle to our WORKSPACE@Shipyard community in December 2021.

Carolyn Walsh is the Founder of Senior Steps, a Geriatric Care Management company, which she established in 2017. As a Certified Geriatric Care Manager with a background in education and nursing, Carolyn is able to provide a comprehensive assessment and recommendations for senior clients and their families. Her experience caring for the elderly in both clinical environments and home settings provides the expertise to consult, advise and guide on both acute care needs, as well as managing and meeting needs over time. 

Justin Quote: “Carolyn has been a terrific Workspace member for the last several years. It's been a pleasure to witness her business thrive over time. I am certain that her creativity and leadership are keys to her success. I look forward to witnessing what the future brings for Carolyn and Senior Steps!“

Carolyn brings her unique set of skills, experience, and a positive sense of aging to members of the South Shore Community. We are honored to have Carolyn and her dedicated team of professionals working out of our Hingham location.