Workspace Wellness: Creating a Healthier Work Environment for Our Members

Written by Lisa Huffman

3rd Oct 2023

In today's fast-paced world, coworking spaces have become more than just a place to get your work done. They're hubs of creativity, productivity, and collaboration. However, with the increasing demands of modern work, it's easy to overlook the importance of workspace wellness. A healthy work environment not only promotes physical well-being but also boosts morale, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

The Importance of Workspace Wellness

1. Enhances Productivity and Connectivity

A well-designed workspace can significantly impact productivity. A clutter-free, organized environment allows for better focus and reduces distractions. When Members feel comfortable in their workspace, they can dedicate more mental energy to their tasks. And when they feel comfortable in the common areas, they are more likely to socialize with other Members which, oftentimes, leads to generating fresh ideas, collaborations, and friendships.

2. Promotes Physical Health

Long hours at a desk can take a toll on one's physical health (see “Sitting, The New Smoking” blog). Fortunately, our Members have many opportunities to move around and get some exercise. Ergonomically designed workstations, proper lighting, and access to natural light all contribute to better physical well-being. By providing standing desks and ergonomic chairs, Workspace encourages our Members to move which can help prevent health issues related to sedentary work. And, all of our locations have a close proximity to a variety of dining options and nature trails which makes getting outside an easy way to break up the day whether you're grabbing lunch or need some fresh air.

3. Fosters Mental Health

A positive workspace environment is essential for mental well-being. Natural light, indoor plants (even artificial ones), and calming colors can create a soothing atmosphere. Positive interactions with Members and the Workspace team also add to the general good vibes here.

4. Encourages Collaboration

Well-designed workspaces facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Our open layouts, comfortable meeting spaces, and communal areas encourage spontaneous interactions and idea-sharing among Workspace Members.

In addition to the healthy environment we create within Workspace, this past spring we partnered with Weymouth Chiropractic and Wellness to extend our Member's well-being outside of our walls. WCWC has been voted "Best of the South Shore" by Wicked Local for the past four years and is the South Shore’s resource for healthcare education, spine and joint health, and sports injuries. Workspace Members receive a generous 20% self-pay discount on select services. Additionally, Dr. Scott Rosner and Dr. Mike Ray filmed a series of wellness videos at Work Station-Cohasset that we feature on the first “Wellness” Wednesday of every month. Anyone who follows us on social media can learn excellent tips for setting up their workstation for optimal health.

At Workspace, we recognize the importance of our Member's physical and emotional well-being and do our best to foster a healthy environment. We want our Members to be happy, productive, and healthy, and believe we have achieved that goal. 

We have another potential wellness partnership in the works so please stay tuned!