More Amazing Women of Workspace

Written by Lisa Huffman

25th Oct 2023

October is National Women's Small Business Month! We couldn't let it pass by without shining a spotlight on some of the amazing women entrepreneurs at Workspace. Read on to find out about the incredible work these women are doing and how they are helping to improve the communities they serve.

Holly Brown, Executive Director and Founder of Looking & Feeling FAB, Inc.

When a personal health crisis led to no answers and little support from her own physicians, Holly took matters into her own hands to ensure that other people in her situation didn't have to suffer.

What product or service do you provide? We specialize in treating skin side effects from cancer treatment. Using integrative therapies, we provide comfort, relief, and improved quality of life to our patients.

How long have you been in business? About 8 years.

What led you to become an entrepreneur?  I would never picture myself as an entrepreneur, but after developing a rash from chemotherapy infusions used to treat Multiple Sclerosis (23 years) and Sarcoidosis, I got no help from my doctors. Having just become a licensed Esthetician, I was determined to create something to help all those suffering in silence.

What is the biggest struggle with being a female entrepreneur/business owner? My biggest struggle is trying to get people to take me seriously and understand that skin side effects from cancer treatment are a real, horrible thing.  It's not about fluff or pampering in a spa. These people are legitimately suffering. They have pain, itchiness, and burning that affect their quality of life and medical teams give no help. Skin issues are actually the number one reported side effect of cancer treatment and the skin is the largest organ of the body. 

How can our readers find you? Please visit our website.

Amber Matteson (She/They) of Intimate Connections Doula Services

Amber works out of our Workspace@Shipyard location and has the cutest office featuring photos of all of the babies she has helped deliver.

What product or service do you provide? Full spectrum doula support & childbirth education serving all individuals and family constellations by educating, supporting, and witnessing their journey of conception, birth, and beyond.

How long have you been in business? 6 years

How can our readers find you? Visit my website to find out more about me and the services that I offer! I am always available through email for questions at 

Danielle Terranova of Terranova Consulting and Leadership Lessons with Danielle

Danielle has been featured before but we wanted to highlight her again as she has added another professional service to her repertoire. She will soon be launching "Leadership Lessons with Danielle – a newsletter, blog, and podcast on a mission to create a world of better leaders, one relationship at a time." Congratulations on this momentous achievement, Danielle!

What product or service do you provide? Leadership Development Services, including executive coaching, assessments, and team education.

How long have you been in business? Coaching since 2015 and I've owned my own business since 2019.

What led you to become an entrepreneur? Sometimes, a girl just needs to harness all her good ideas and creativity on her own behalf. I felt a calling to build a business that reflected my values and filled a need in the marketplace. Most leaders can use a good coach to help them cultivate the potential in themselves and others. That’s where I come in. I leverage my executive experience and training in human behavior to help leaders build a professional life they love. I truly found my calling and can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a career I’m passionate about.

What is the biggest struggle with being a female entrepreneur/business owner? It can be difficult to balance the attention I want to give to my business and the demands of being a working mother. Most working moms feel like they are failing one priority when they pay attention to the other, and sometimes it can feel like it's impossible to win. In those moments, I try to remember that I’m setting an example for my daughter about balancing the demands of life. I may not always get it right, but I think I’m doing a good job most of the time.   

 How can our readers find you? Readers can follow me on Instagram @leadershiplessonswithdanielle, subscribe to my newsletter, and email me at