The Demand for On-Demand Offices

Written by Susie Guthro

23rd Feb 2021

Susie Guthro

February 23, 2021

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Many coworking and flexible office providers offer on-demand services, but most require you to establish some monthly membership. For example, you can pay a flat fee for the month and have unlimited ability to utilize a coworking space whenever you need it. Memberships might be great for someone who knows they need to get out of the work-from-home routine a certain number of times a month, but for others, it may fall into the graveyard of unused gym memberships and broken dreams.

With the opening of our new space that added ten brand new private offices to our current location in Hingham, we have had a lot of interest from work-from-home weary professionals. Most were feeling the walls of their home close in around them, distractions from family members or pets on their last nerve, and they are ready to get productive again in their own space. Another trend we see here at Workspace is short-term office rentals on demand.

With the demand for on-demand offices, Workspace offers this option for a limited-time: ideal for professionals who might only need space one day at a time here and there, rather than leasing an office by the month or playing roulette with a coworking membership.

Need an office for the day today, next week, yesterday? Workspace can help.