Coworking: A cure for loneliness?

Written by Lisa Huffman

1st Sep 2023

Coworking can cure the WFH loneliness you're feeling. So break free from your isolation and join our Workspace community.

In all seriousness, the statistics are sobering. In an age where technology virtually connects us to EVERYTHING, people feel increasingly alone. Human connection is lacking and mental health is suffering. 

You don't have to be extroverted to thrive in coworking. We have plenty of members who hunker down in their offices, doors closed, and work away. But, they are greeted by a Community Manager when they arrive. There are members in the kitchen to exchange small talk with (or not) when they grab a coffee. There are opportunities to participate in social gatherings, to collaborate, and to connect. 

Whether one chooses to do so or not, having the opportunity to engage in human interaction goes a long way in alleviating that feeling of isolation and boosting one's mood. Countless members have shared with me that they could work from home but they feel better and are more productive when they have a destination to go to and can leave the distractions of home at home. 

There are so many benefits of coworking -- shorter commute/reduced carbon footprint, more time with family, more time for self-care, opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals and grow -- but coworking as a cure for loneliness might just be the one that's most important.