Written by Lisa Huffman with Justin Moran

1st Apr 2024


Twenty five years ago, game designer Bernie DeKoven coined the term ‘coworking’ and the rest is history…history that’s still in the making. While DeKoven’s description of coworking (the use of computer technology to facilitate remote meetings and fuel collaboration between people miles apart) is vastly different from coworking as we know it today, it planted the seed for what has become a global phenomenon. 

Space Operators, Community Managers, and Members around the world are celebrating the Silver Anniversary of coworking by sharing their thoughts, insights, and experiences so what better time to sit down with Workspace Owner, Justin Moran, and have him reflect on his experience — initially as a coworker himself and then as a coworking space operator. 

What was the “aha moment“ that led you to coworking?

"My epiphany occurred when I was a member at one of the locations I later purchased. Drawing upon my expertise gained from managing various startups, I recognized the opportunity to transform it into a contemporary workspace. Upon learning of its availability for purchase, I seized the opportunity, envisioned its potential for enhancement, and devised a strategy to expand and enrich the community.”


What has been the most significant change you’ve observed in the coworking landscape over the past 25 years?

"The most significant transformation I've observed is the profound shift Covid has brought to the dynamic of work-life balance. The traditional notion of work has been irrevocably altered. Employees now wield greater control, autonomy, and fulfillment in their interactions with work. This evolution has greatly benefited the flexible office industry, especially for those of us located close to where people live."


What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a coworking space owner and how have you overcome them?

"The most daunting hurdle I encountered was during the initial 120 days of the Covid outbreak. I tackled these obstacles head-on by prioritizing communication, maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards, and staying meticulously prepared. Throughout this period, I dedicated myself entirely to the operation and did not spend a single day at home. I remained steadfastly present at each location, ensuring the smooth handling of mail and upholding pristine environments for the limited number of individuals still coming in. I was rewarded by a deluge of demand from those who were forced home for the first time in their careers and soon realized it just didn't work for them. Many of those same people who joined us back then are still with us!"


Share a personal story that highlights the power of collaboration and community within your coworking community.

"What brings me the greatest sense of pride is witnessing the organic growth of partnerships, the launch of new businesses, and the emergence of job opportunities within our community. There's a particular joy in being approached by someone seeking assistance, whether it's a recommendation for a specialized attorney or advice on a business challenge, and being able to seamlessly connect them with a fellow member who can offer invaluable support. It's immensely gratifying to observe these interactions evolve into collaborative endeavors, as individuals come together to strategize and address pressing business needs right within our shared workspace.”


What excites you most about the future of coworking? What are your hopes and aspirations for the future of coworking spaces?

”What excites me most are the new members who have yet to discover the value of what we provide. I love bumping into new members after a few weeks who were stuck at home or in a boring office and now they get to come to Workspace. They always look more relaxed, have a better attitude, and more importantly are satisfied with the environment we have created for them. As far as the future of our industry, I just look forward to greater adoption and more competition. The more people who explain to their friends and family how satisfying it is to be a member at a local flexible office space, whether it's mine or someone else's, the more people who will eventually find their way to Workspace." 

We can't wait to see what the next 25 years will bring! If you’d like to join the coworking revolution, visit our website to schedule a tour of one of our four conveniently located South Shore locations. If you’re on the North Shore, we would be thrilled to welcome you to Workspace Beverly when we open in September.