Highlighting diversity in the workplace at WORKSPACE

Written by Lisa Huffman

14th Jun 2022

WORKSPACE’s diverse community is a large part of what makes us great and is why we value diversity in all forms. Our members come from all walks of life, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and many different industries. While over half work in finance, insurance, law, software, accounting, home health care, or as consultants, we also have members who work for non-profits, in sales, and in a variety of other industries. 

During a visit to WORKSPACE, it doesn’t take long to see that many (if not all) of our members exude positivity and confidence. So it’s no surprise that 63% are entrepreneurs who’ve started businesses in industries like publishing, holistic dog food, SAT prep, and forensic fire investigation…to name a few. You'll also find many self-confident, self-motivated, and collaborative remote workers here -- some employed by Fortune 500 companies and global businesses. 

Our members are also multigenerational. Whether you're 25, 75, or any age in between, we have a workspace for you. As the average lifespan continues to increase, more and more people are working beyond the retirement age. We’ve found that some of our members choose retirement as an opportunity to start over in a new field, while others decide to branch out on their own as seasoned industry consultants finally (and happily) working for themselves.

Regardless of what brought our members to WORKSPACE, collaboration happens daily. The diversity at WORKSPACE provides opportunities to learn something new and to brainstorm. A quick coffee break in the kitchen could lead to the answer to a problem that’s been wracking your brain for weeks. A chat in the common area could lead to the discovery that your business could help serve the needs of another member creating a win-win!

“Diversity increases innovation, creativity and strategic thinking because teams of people who come from different backgrounds can draw upon their unique experiences and a wider range of knowledge to spark new, innovative ideas.” Source: Indeed

The combination of skillsets, cultures, and knowledge at WORKSPACE means that many diverse voices have the opportunity to come together on a daily basis. While many employers argue that their employees can’t be productive outside the corporate office, WORKSPACE members prove that it is a worthy and suitable option. Time spent here enables our diverse group of members to truly foster creativity and collaboration which leads to success and efficiency for all.