Suburban coworking spaces like Workspace are thriving. Here’s why!

Written by Lisa Huffman with Justin Moran, Owner, Workspace

4th Mar 2024

“Workspace succeeds in competing with larger brands because the majority of our spaces are located where people actually live, rather than being positioned right off a busy highway,” says Justin Moran, owner of Workspace.  

Smaller coworking spaces are experiencing a surge in popularity for several compelling reasons. Aside from their proximity to the people who utilize them, they offer a range of benefits that resonate with modern professionals and entrepreneurs seeking alternatives to traditional office environments.

“Every CEO in the country is questioning their real estate portfolio and many are providing employees with greater flexibility,” says Moran. “While working from home has become widely accepted as the ‘new normal,’ some professionals (for a variety of reasons) just cannot make it work for themselves. This reality has only increased our prospective pool of potential members." Moran goes on to share that, "The members joining us today have confirmed that they’ve been given great flexibility and need a space outside of their homes to remain productive.”

Workspace provides a diverse mix of suburban professionals with an alternative space to do just that. Catering to today’s current requirements, we offer private offices, meeting rooms, common areas for coworking, and virtual office support. Our locations are a clean, quiet, and safe environment with a secure, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. 

However, our success is based on more than just the amenities we offer and our proximity to the suburban neighborhoods we service. The community we’ve created at Workspace is also a huge draw for our members. Smaller coworking spaces like Workspace are better able to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among members. Unlike larger coworking chains where individuals might feel lost in the crowd, smaller spaces provide a more intimate setting where connections can flourish. The smaller scale allows deeper relationships to develop, leading to increased collaboration, idea sharing, and support among members. This tight-knit community aspect often leads to higher satisfaction and engagement among those utilizing the space.

According to Moran, ”We thrive in bedroom communities like Hingham, Canton, and Cohasset because flexible office businesses are increasingly becoming hyper-local businesses.”

In addition, smaller coworking spaces often offer more flexibility and customization options than their larger counterparts. With fewer members to accommodate, these spaces can tailor their amenities and services to meet the specific needs of their clientele better. Whether it's flexible membership plans, personalized workspace configurations, or specialized networking events, smaller coworking spaces excel at their ability to provide an experience tailored to their member’s individual preferences.

The more intimate atmosphere of smaller coworking spaces is another area that sets us apart from the larger coworking brands. With fewer distractions, members can focus better on their work while still enjoying the benefits of a collaborative environment. The sense of closeness and shared purpose can inspire innovation and spark new ideas, leading to increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and professional growth for members. 

In conclusion, smaller coworking spaces are thriving due to their ability to foster community, provide flexibility, enhance productivity, and offer a unique atmosphere that resonates with modern professionals. As the demand for alternative workspaces continues to grow, these intimate and personalized environments are poised to remain a popular choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers seeking a supportive and inspiring place to work.

Workspace’s success by the numbers.

Workspace enjoyed a:

  • 21% year-over-year growth in 2021
  • 32% year-over-year growth in 2022
  • 21% year-over-year growth in 2023

In 2023, our Flexible Office business grew by 49% and our meeting room business grew by 32%.

If you’d like to discover the vibrant community and endless opportunities awaiting you at Workspace, schedule a tour of the location most convenient for you here.